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Blog is not quite set up yet...Until then, here is an old post from the lost civilization of myspace recounting the first YRR gig.

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WHEW!!   October 11 2007

I have to say that the last couple of weeks have been just about the busiest I have ever been, with very mixed results.

First off, I had an 8 song acoustic based record to complete by the 1st of October.  I have been working on it bit by bit over the last couple of months, but I really had to put it in hyperdrive to meet the deadline.  I have been writing little bits of music for a company called Jupiter Tunes for the last few years, and this was the largest single project I have done for them.  I had to compose, record, mix, etc.  8 original songs that will (hopefully) be used by some of Jupiter's clients in a license free music library they host on the web.  Lots of long days finishing that one, and I was fairly happy with the completed product.

Next the Terrifying Ten High Trilogy...Metalsome Wednesday-Rockfight Zep vs Who and the debut of Yacht Rock. 

Months ago I agreed to fill in for Matt for Metalsome Wednesday.  The have an abbreivated 80's themed set list with only about 60 or so big deal, but when you add in the two Rockfights that also fell on this week (Zep/Who and Yacht Rock), it totalled to about 105 songs I had to have swimming in my already overloaded brain. 

Oh yeah, and some ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT MISCREANT HUMAN FECAL STAINS decided that the Monday of that week would be a great day to kick our back door in, help themselves to some of our shit and discharge a fire extinguisher over my WHOLE FUCKING HOUSE.  Now, luckily my guitars and other important gear were spared, but it took us about 7 hours to get the house somewhat in order. That was an entire night I lost for reviewing songs/do some CD orders etc... As I type this, there is still fire extinguisher dust on my keyboard.

Add this in with my normal store work schedule and some large CD duplication orders and I was pretty well out of my mind for about 2 weeks.

End results:

Wed.  October 3rd- 80s night at the 10 High-Went pretty well actually.  Most of the songs that were called were ones that I went over fairly thoroughly and had written charts for the ones that were harder to remember.  Even when they threw me a curve ball from the hard rock list, I faked my way through it passably or had Matt come up and rescue me.

Thursday October 4th Led Zep vs The Who- An absolute complete trainwreck of a disaster of a travesty against the entire history of music.  I am speaking from my standpoint, because everyone else in the band kicked ass.  I mean, how hard could this night be?  We have done pretty much all of these same songs that I have listened to a million times over the years in two previous rockfight performances (both of which went great), and had a good refresher rehearsal a couple of weeks before.  Something snapped during the gig, though.  I couldn't focus on anything...I couldn't remember the keys, the riffs, the solos-and I was aware of it at the time wondering what the fuck was I doing?  The more I stressed out the worse it got.  If any of you witnessed this, hit me up here on myspace-I'll seriously consider giving you your $5 back.

Friday October 5th Yacht Rock-  50/50.  The crowd was freaking amazing and responsive as hell, the band and guest singers/instrumentalists were completely outstanding.  I, however, had my good moments and my not so good ones.  Songs I had practiced over and over just sort of faded together, and I am really not sure how I did.  Maybe it was better than I thought maybe it was way worse.  I remember being all confused the next day thinking "Man...I totally do not remember playing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" last night.  When, in fact, that was not on the Friday Yacht Rock list at all, but on the 80's list from Wednesday, and we indeed did not play it.  Anyway, everyone seemed to love the night, and if all goes as planned, I will get a chance to redeem myself in the near future... And I did look pretty ridiculously cool in my neatly trimmed beard, giant bell bottomed jeans (with and appropriately place sock-for all the ladies in the house), white stack shoes, vintage "I'm With Stupid" tshirt and white suspenders.