• 2:46

Number One (Dannells, Elkins, Johnson, Olivarez)

A, M, P

Unibrow-Beaten (Dannells)

A, M, P

  • 03 SuperConductor (Return da Love)3:48

  • 2:05

  • 0:48

Boomerang (Cox, Dannells)

A, G, P

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)

G, M, P

  • 0:28

  • 2:00

  • 1:32

  • Iron Man0:53

  • Break Bread (Dannells, Murphy, Layne, Whyte).mp30:41

Look At Us (Dannells, Louise, Louise, Lynn, Monte)


Bossa (Niespodziani)


Can't Change Me (Dannells, Layne, Whyte)

A, G, M, P

Running Shoes (Roth)

G, M, P

  • A Dawn Song (Dannells)2:06

A Dawn Song (Dannells)

A, G, M, P


If I Were A Carpenter (Hardin)

A, G, M, P

  • 3:05

La Profesora (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • Crossroads4:13


  • The Friar's Lantern2:23

Friar's Lantern (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

  • Unibrow-Beaten (Dannells).mp33:29

All That Matters (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • 2:56

  • Savannah (Dannells).mp33:08

Ain't True (Elkins, Olivarez, Stephens)

A, G, M, P

Cubano Loco (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • 2:56

  • 1:32

Danse Macabre (Saint-Saens)

A, P

  • Atlas Shrugged (Dannells)3:44

  • The Mission2:25

Savannah (Dannells)

A, G, M, P


Torn Apart (Dannells, Elkins, Johnson, Olivarez)

A, G, M, P

The Pie Fell in Love With the Cake (From Drop Dead Diva) (Cho)

A, G, P 

Sweet Home Alabama (King, Rossington, Van Zandt)



Cicada Requiem (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • GrandSolo1:23

Crossroads  (Johnson)


  • 0:54

  • 2:54

Where'd Ya Get Your Boots? (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

Mark Dannells Productions


Are you a songwriter wanting a fully produced arrangement of your song for your next demo submission?

Have you recorded a great track that needs the perfect guitar part(s) to make it complete?

Do you need a stylistically specific piece of music for your web project, advertisement, TV show or film?                                          
I have been doing all of the above professionally for over 15 years.  I have great pro gear at my home studio, so I can save you time-as well as money...and you never even have to leave your house!

Should your production needs be a bit more demanding, I have access to plenty of great studios and top notch musicians at very reasonable rates. Contact me at mdannellsgtr@gmail.com for pricing.


Below are just a few audio examples of various styles I have been called on to record over the years.  Most people who know me musically probably think of me as the "Rock Guy".  As far as recent performances go, this would be a pretty accurate assumption.  However, I have had quite a bit of experience writing for other genres as well.

Of course, EVERYONE is doing country these days, and I’m no exception.  I can actually fake a pretty good mandolin (Ain’t True) and Banjo (Standing on the Front Line).

Surprisingly enough, I produced and co-wrote two Hip Hop records in the mid 2000s.  It was a group called “Trill”, and though it wasn’t widely heard, we came up with some pretty interesting tracks.  Listen to the samples under “Hip Hop”.

I played on some “Sound-alike” recordings produced for the Camp Jam Rock n Roll Summer Camp a few years ago. Check out the note for note rendition of Cream’s live version of “Crossroads” I did accompanied by ZBB’s Clay Cook on vocals, Mark Cobb on drums and Danny Silvestri on Bass.

Lately, I have been really trying to wrap my brain around creating orchestral arrangements.  I have clips ranging from a Xavier Cugat-style Cuban Big Band (Jazz/Latin “Havana Good Time”) to an arrangement of Camille Saint-Saens’ “Danse Macabre” (under Orchestral/Soundtrack) to Disney Soundtrack From Hell ("Where'd Ya Get Your Boots") done entirely with the Miroslav Vitous Symphonik and Steinberg HSO programs.  Actually, “Havana Good Time” also has YRR's Dave Freeman helping out with some saxophone, and I am actually playing a little live trumpet as well!

The letters below indicate what specific work I did on each track.  Composer credits follow the track's name.  Note that some of these clips take a bit of time to load…Enjoy!

A- Arrangement
G- Guitar
M- Mixing
P- Production


  • Open Credit (Dannells)2:14

SuperConductor (Return da Love)  (Cox, Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • Musey2_eq2:39


Astral Pollution (Dannells)

A, G, M, P


  • 2:57

Shake It  (Roth)

A, G, M, P

Rock Scrammed (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • DanseMacabre0:56

  • 0:38

  • 1:13


  • SweetChildSolo1:09

  • It's Going Down (Dannells, Lane, Whyte).mp30:46

Sweet Child of Mine (Guns n' Roses)


Standing On The Front Line  (Elkins, Olivarez, Hunt-Taylor)

A, G, M, P

Grand Solo (Sor)

G, M, P

  • 0:23

It's Going Down (Dannells, Lane, Whyte)

A, G, M, P

  • Can't Change Me (Dannells, Layne, Whyte).mp30:41

Dingo Ling (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

Iron Man  (Black Sabbath)


  • BoomerangTomeiSchick4:03

Street Smart (Dannells, Murphy)

A, G, M, P

  • 0:24

Open Credit (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • 0:32


  • Where'dYaGetYerBoots2:10

  • 0:45


Hands Off (Elkins, Olivarez, Stephens)

A, G, M, P

Atlas Shrugged (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

Come Back (Elkins, Olivarez, Stephens)

A, G, M, P

The Mission (Cox, Dannells)

A, G, M, P

Pain is Rising (Dannells, Layne, Whyte)

A, G, M, P

Havana Good Time (Dannells)

A, G, M, P

  • JesuWebsite0:43

Mambo Italiano (From Drop Dead Diva) (Merrill)

A, G, P 

  • 2:22

Don't Snap Your Cap (Dannells, Elkins Olivarez)

A, G, M, P

  • Bossa0:46

  • HavanaGoodTimeFINALWAVE2:01

Break Bread (Dannells, Murphy, Layne, Whyte)

A, G, M, P

Goldstain (Dannells)

  • SweetHomeAlabama0:51