Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

Music video for Yacht Rock Revue's original song "Can't Wait For Summer".

Performing with Brand New Immortals on HBO's Reverb live in NYC 2001

Playing a version of Doc Watson's "Beaumont Rag".

Yacht Rock Revue performing "Steal Away" with original singer Robbie Dupree at The Canal Room, NYC.

Product demo of a Don Grosh Electrajet and a Bogner Duende.


Please PleaseRock Me performs Joe Cocker's version of "A Little Help From My Friends".

With Skid Row "I Remember You" 2006.

EPK for the Los Angeles based "Ball" 2002.

YRR performing Frampton's "Do You Feel LIke We Do" at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.

Demoing the Kemper Profiling Amp with "Eruption" and a few other VH tunes.

With Skid Row "Youth Gone Wild" 2006.

Music video for The Greater Vavoom's "Boomerang" filmed when we opened for Scott Weiland.

Me n' Chris Cox promoting the Season 1 DVD of "Metalocalypse" in this Adult Swim produced infomercial.

"Black Dog" and "Rock and Roll" opening YRR's performance of Led Zeppelin IV. 

An Absinthe fueled journey through the Dorian Mode...

The Greater Vavoom live at Lenny's in Atlanta performing "Speakeasy".

Version 1 Video of Butch Walker's "My Way".   That's me acting the fool in a blonde wig in the intro...

A remake of "Mambo Italiano"  I did for Drop Dead Diva. Brook Elliott on vocals, Derek Murphy on drums and Nick Didia engineered and mixed it.

EVH solo from Michael Jackson's "Beat It" during Yacht Rock Revue's Thriller and Purple Rain night.

YRR joined by Rick Derringer playing Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein".